What Is In Charlie Craven's Fishing Pack?

In this video, Charlie walks us through how his fishing pack is set up and some of the tools/gear he likes to use.  Below are the shop links to what you see in the video.

Fishpond Summit Sling

Fishpond Emerger Net

Gear Keeper Net Retractor

Fishpond Confluence Net Release

Tippet T

Umpqua Deceiver Tippet

Umpqua Perform X Nylon Tippet

SA Fluorocrabon Tippet

Dr Slick Spring Creek Forceps

Angler's Image Line Clipper

Gear Keeper Retractor

Wonder Cloth

Tiemco Dry Magic

Shimizaki Dry Shake

JP's Nymphing Mud

Simms Fly Patch

Poly Pro Macrame Yarn

Finger Brush

Fly Tying Scissors

Umpqua Indicator Tippet

Frog's Fanny

Bone Comb

Stomach Pump

Umpqua Perform X Leaders

Oros Indicators

Thingamabobber Indicators

Cortland DAB or Green Mucilin

Umpqua Bug Locker

Wheatley Swing Lead Box

Snack Pack Box

Dinsmore Lead Split Shot

Stick On Lighting Strike Indicators

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