Charlie ties up his favorite sight nymphing rig - aka the "Short Leash Rig"

Charlie shares his favorite sight fishing rig, the Short Leash, used in those shallow riffles when fish are on a chew and mowing down baetis nymphs. It's much more exciting and active than watching a fat yarn indicator and is definitely something you'll want to add to your tool belt!

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Let’s see bobbers? Check! Jig hook flies? Check! Garden hackle?

My point is that Charlie is a really talented FLY tyer. We are FLY fisherman and the manner in which we pursue fish is supposed to be unique and challenging; NOT easy.

Many of us have spent a great deal of time learning about hatches and insect behavior, trout vision and color preferences, knots, maintenance of bamboo rods (assuming you don’t fish with one of the “plastic” ones) and countless other topics such as weather and phenology in order to “up the odds”. But no true fly fisherman signs on for bobbers and jig fishing. Yet that seems to be all that is being taught to the next generations of fly fisherman.

Last year Charlie admonished me to “just go fishing” suggesting that my taking umbrage with the blurring of the lines between fly fishing and light spinning rod fishing would all be resolved if only I was to get out more often. It apparently didn’t help.

I want to see Charlie “flex his muscles” on the tying bench as his skill set is amazing. I want to see tutorials about how to wing a fly while tying in Stalcup style legging. I want Charlie to use his mad skills to revolutionize fly design. He clearly has the talent. Sans the bobbers and jig hooks.

Laurence Hiner

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