The Story of Skwala with Charlie Craven & Rich Hohne



Imagine if someone put the same time, thought, and effort into designing fishing apparel that you put into finding fish. Someone did; we’re Skwala. We make thoughtful, dependable, comfortable gear—so meticulously built and thoroughly tested that you hardly notice it. Allowing you to focus on more important things, like fishing.

When you’re drifting down the river pitching streamers upstream of logjams, don’t think about the advanced internal cuffs on your jacket keeping rainwater out. When you’re scrambling over boulders in a tight canyon hunting for noses, pay no attention to the 4-way stretch textiles giving you uninhibited range of motion.

Welcome to Skwala, the fishing partner who never talks too much, never fishes out of your boxes, never drinks the last beer or finishes the jerky. We’re the fishing partner who’s always ready to go and never lets you down.

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