BC Hopper Fly Tying Video

Fly Tying Recipe:
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TMC 5262 #6-10
Thread: 3/0 Monocord, tan
Body: 3mm Tan Foam
Binder Strip: Scrap of 3mm foam
Adhesive: Zap-A-Gap
Hopper Legs: Tan Medium round rubber leg
Underwing: Mottled Tan Web Wing
Flash: Rootbeer Krystal Flash
Overwing: Elk Hair
Bullet Head: Natural Deer Hair
Front Legs: Tan round rubber legs
Indicator: Cerise Pink McFlylon or Float Viz

This fly is a collaboration between John Barr and I, as he came up with the idea for a super buoyant hopper to use as the “indicator” fly in his Hopper/Copper/Dropper rig and I came up with how to tie the dang thing. We played with several different ideas and configurations based off of my Charlie Boy Hopper pattern and finally came up with the Mother of all hoppers…the BC! These photos and directions are an excerpt from John’s book, Barr Flies and I am telling you right now, if you don’t already own this book you should call the shop right now and order it. As you all know, John is perhaps the single most innovative fly tyer of our time, and his book is a treasure trove of insight into his fly pattern development process.

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