Graphic Caddis Fly Tying Video

Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: TMC 2499 SP-BL #14-18
Thread: Veevus 14/0 White For Abdomen, 8/0 Black For Thorax
Tag: Silver Holographic Tinsel, Small
Abdomen: Micro-tubing, Tan, Olive Or Chartreuse
Legs: Hungarian Partridge Fibers
Head: Natural Gray Ostrich Herl

The Graphic Caddis is another pattern from John Barr.  John developed this pattern to mimic the emerging caddis pupae, as it swims from the river bottom to the surface. There has been a lot of talk about the air bubble carried by caddis pupae these days, and John has added that attractive feature to the fly with a tag of holographic flashabou at the back of this fly. Subtle, yet definite sparkle is one of the keys to this fly. I really like this fly because John has managed to make a really ugly bug into a beautiful fly. As is John’s trademark, the fly is simple to tie and uses few materials while being greatly effective. I like to use the Graphic Caddis as an attractor, fished with weight (or behind a Copper John) along the bottom, during the summer months. I think fish see so many caddis pupae during the season that it becomes a food staple, even when there is not a blizzard hatch in progress and they keep on the look out for these tasty morsels. I also like this fly dropped off a dry caddis pattern (6-18 inches back) during a hatch. Tie a few of this durable pattern up and find them a home in your box. I’m betting you won’t be sorry.

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