Missing Link Fly Tying Video

Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: #14-18 Tiemco 100SP-BL
Thread: Olive Dun 8/0 UNI
Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash
Glue: Head Cement
Legs: Dun Z-Lon
Thorax: BWO Superfine Dubbing
Thread: Grey 18/0 Nanosilk
Wing: Cow Elk
Hackle: Dun, Grizzly or Brown Whiting Saddle or Neck Hackle


Great Fly for Picky Trout. This is a tricky fly to tie. Your tips were very helpful.

Jim Queen

Great tie – lots of things to learn and a bit of a challenge – thanks – BTW which video shows the “new and improved” parachute tie off?

Bob L Fowler

Charlie, thanks for the great tips on this one. The dubbing ball BEHIND the z-lon spent wings is genius; makes the wing post and hackle go on so much cleaner. Like you, I love/hate Mercer’s Missing Link. It’s an exceptionally effective fly, especially when the fish are being extra snooty, but I find it a PITA to tie. Your little tricks really help.


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