Mr. Jones Cranefly Fly Tying Video

Mr. Jones Fly Tying Recipe:
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Thread: Tan Veevus 8/0
Underbody: Brown McFlylon
Body: Cinnamon Thin Fly Foam
Body Connection: 01X Mono
Glue: Zap A Gap
Hook: #12 Tiemco 2487
Thread2: Brick Beige 18/0 Nanosilk
Back: Cinnamon Thin Fly Foam
Wing: Bleached Moose Body Hair
Legs: Amber Small Barred Sexi Floss
Thorax: Cinnamon Caddis Superfine Dubbing
Wing: Bleached Moose Body Hair
Color: Copic Markers


Wow. How cool. You are truly a master. Thank you for sharing. Do these actually hatch in mass like mayflies, or are they solitary type bugs in the manner in which they hatch. Enjoyed watching you work.

Dean Ransom

I’m going to send you a beret to wear when you do videos because you my friend are truly an artist!

Jim Michael

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