Rusty Spinner Fly Tying Video

Rusty Spinner Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: #12-24 TMC 100SP-BL, 100, Or 101
Thread: Rusty Brown 14/0 Veevus Or 8/0 UNI
Tails: White Or Rusty Brown Tailing Fibers
Abdomen: Rusty Brown Goose Biots
Wings: White Mcflylon
Hackle: Grizzly Or Badger Hackle
Thorax: Rusty Brown Super Fine Dubbing

This pattern is a variation on the standard rusty spinner that has a good bit of added floatation and visibility. The addition of the palmered thorax hackle makes the fly much more visible and helps keep it afloat. I have used this pattern everywhere from the Henry’s Fork to the Frying Pan and it turns heads everywhere. I also use this fly as an “attractor” on rivers like the South Platte and Big Thompson during midday non-hatch periods during the summer months. Spinners don’t always fall all at the same time and the fish seem to be on the lookout for the random spinner. If you haven’t had much luck with traditional spinners, try this pattern. It is much easier to see in the fading evening light so common to spinner falls.

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