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Big Fat Aunt, Johnson's

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"If the name alone was not indication enough, the Big Fat Aunt has an intriguing back story.

I was given permission to submit the fly to Umpqua from the fly’s originator and personal friend, Bill Trussell.

While fishing larger, western rivers, Bill found that he needed a higher floating, very visible ant pattern, that possessed a larger profile than most that were available at the time.

After fishing the fly, the Big Fat Aunt quickly became, and still remains, my personal favorite ant pattern.

Presenting this fly to cutthroat in the smallest of streams, as well as high mountain lakes, can be absolutely deadly.  However, I have fooled many larger, more discerning trout on the pattern as well.

The fly’s double-stacked foam abdomen helps it remain high and dry throughout the day. The hackle and legs truly perfect the profile making it an accurate representation of the genuine article.

This fly is a fixture in my terrestrial box. Give the Big Fat Aunt a try and it will find a permanent place in your fly selection as well!"

- Signature Tyer Chris Johnson