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Buckskin Jig, F.Dorsey's

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"The original Buckskin is an oldie but a goodie for those who fish the South Platte.

The Buckskin Jig is an update to features of the the traditional Buckskin. Tied on an Umpqua X-Series 400BL jig hook and offers a heavy slotted tungsten bead, slim profile and a bit of flash in the thorax to trick even the pickiest trout.

The Buckskin Jig fishes well anywhere there are free-living caddis, and can double as a midge larva in smaller sizes. It can also be used in summer as an effective dropper in a dry-dropper setup.

I’ve found this fly to be very productive on every tailwater I have ever fished but, it excels on the South Platte."

- Signature Tyer Forrest Dorsey