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C&F Flex Crimp On Reel

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A clip-on reel that rotates 360° for easy tool extraction. It can be attached to your favorite equipment without puncture with pins, such as fishing shirts and dry bags. Even when attached to a waist pack, etc., the main body rotates 360°, so it is easy to pull out the tool upwards. Use small neodymium magnets as fly catchers when changing flies.

-The clip-on reel body rotates 360°, allowing you to pull out the cord without stress.

-A neodymium magnet (fly catcher) is set in the center of the clip-on reel to keep the fly. It is convenient when changing fly.

-The strong clip on the back allows you to firmly fix the vest without making holes in it.
-Cord length: 700 mm /27.5inch