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C&F Spare Threader

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Threader for threading the tippet through the pre-set fly.
Set the flies that you use frequently or those that you use for evening rise on the threader in advance.
If you set it in the threader system foam in advance, you can take out only fly without removing the threader themselves from the case.
If you do not set the fly in advance and only wish to use it at the field, we recommend short threaders.

●Standard (Blue): #16-#19/5X-7X
●Midge (Pink): #20-#26/7X-8X
●When fly is hard to see in the evening or anglers with presbyopia, passing the tippet through the eye is no longer pain.
●The color of the sticker is different for each size, so please be sure to check when purchasing.
●Be sure to use a threader that matches the hook size and tippet.
*CFA-40, CF-203, CFA-3500MF, CFA-50/THR, CFA-42, CFA-43 are for short threaders only.