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Chewey's Morsel, Red Fox #6

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"The Chewy Morsel was developed for the times where you need more action and MEAT!  

Many times anglers go to the Bahamas and other destinations where the guides are looking for chunkier, well fed flies!  

No joke, many times angler’s boxes are filled with flies that are so dainty and sparse that the Bahamian guides feel no love as their own chunkier flies are more appealing.  

The Chewy Morsel is perfect for mudding fish, edges, drop offs, blind bombing in mangroves…etc.  

With a big range of sizes from size #6 on up two a double bead size #1, we have all scenarios and water columns covered! 

The Tungsten Jig Bomb is strategically placed far more forward that has ever been possibly offered with traditional dumbbells and thus produces a jigging action that is irresistible to predators!"


- Signature Tyer Dave Chouinard