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Metz Hackle Hatch Bundles

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Three different hatch specific hackle colors in a single pack, sized and high graded.  You want to tie some size 22 baetis or some size 16 caddis?  Here's a pack with sized hackle in three different shades for your tying pleasure.  Want some 18's?  We got that too! Those people at Metz think of everything.

Our Hatch Packs are meticulously curated to provide fly tyers with top-quality hackle perfectly suited for imitating the hatches of Baetis, PMD, and Caddis. Crafted from Metz feathers sourced from the cape or neck of a rooster, our hackle boasts decades of genetic breeding, ensuring excellent buoyancy. Each pack offers an assortment of appropriately sized and colored hackle, providing an essential tool for achieving lifelike imitations. Beatis Color 3 Pack:Sz 18, 20, 22 PMD Color 3 Pack: Sz 14, 16 Caddis Color 3 Pack: Sz 12, 14, 16