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Redington Trace Fly Rods

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Redington’s newest rod series, the TRACE, is built for all-around freshwater applications and replaces the Hydrogen as their do-it-all trout series of rods. These rods are built with a nice marriage between performance and affordability so that you can have confidence in all freshwater fishing scenarios without breaking the bank. The TRACE features a cool, quiet, and functional aesthetic with some nice freshwater features like a dark wood insert and single-foot snake guides. These rods are lightweight, highly versatile, and extremely caster-friendly - everything you’d want a budget rod to be and then some. 


Medium-Fast Action Blank - The medium-fast action blank of the TRACE caters to anglers targeting trout in classic river environments. The blank features a versatile action that creates a large timing window and caters to a wide range of casting strokes. The TRACE tracks nicely and has heightened sensitivity for light-duty dry fly work all the way through a double nymph rig under an indicator. The rod also features a classic aesthetic with a Matte Mahogany blank color and matching thread wraps for style and finesse on the water. 


Titanium Oxide Stripping Guides - Titanium oxide stripping guides allow fly line to shoot through the TRACE effortlessly. These guides are small to accommodate freshwater specific fly lines and durable to stand up to weathering and wear.

Lightweight Single-Foot Snake Guides - Snake guides decrease the overall rod weight of the TRACE to keep the rod as lightweight as possible without sacrificing performance. Single-foot guides increase rod tracking, line sensitivity, and decrease rod weight. Snake guides are popular in the industry because of their functionality and durability.

Reel Seat

Dark Wood Insert w/Uplocking Component - The TRACE has a nice, classic-looking dark wood insert that complements the Mahogany blank color nicely. A single aluminum uplocking component holds down any lightweight fly reel for ultimate reliability in the freshwater fishing sphere.

Rod Tube

Cordura Rod Tube - The TRACE comes in a fully protected Cordura rod tube with dividers for easy storage. Cordura is a phenomenal mid-priced alternative to aluminum and protects the rod during travel and transportation.


The Redington Lifetime Warranty - As of June 2020, every new Redington rod purchased through an authorized dealer, excluding the Crosswater Series and Minnow and Topo Combos, is covered by a lifetime original owner warranty. The warranty is limited to replacement of the rod only and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product.