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Rising Stubby Lunker Net

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The Stubby Lunker Net is our newest size of net to the lineup. It offers you a hybrid between the popular Brookie and Lunker Net with its 10″ Handle and larger Lunker Hoop. The shorter handle allows carry via leash or hanging from a pack. The Stubby Lunker Net is offered in 8 different colors of anodization and made at our HQ in Francis, UT USA.


  • American Made in our shop, with tooling we designed, using American Aluminum and Supplies

  • Anodized Aluminum

  • Knurled Texture on the Handle for Grip

  • Rubber Net Bag Available in Black or Clear – more fish-friendly!

  • Measurement indicators on hoop – 12″, 16″,18″,19″, 20″, 21″

  • Custom acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely, while allowing easy dis-assemble and re-assembly for replacing bags or travel

  • Threaded sealed end-cap makes for water-proof storage in the handle or stream side flask

  • Hoop is 21″ Long, Width tapers from 13.5″ – 9″, Net Bag is 8.5″ deep but stretches

  • 10″ handle Net is 33.5″ long including hoop.

  • Made in the USA

  • Unconditional Warranty – excluding the rubber bag in most instances