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Solarez Ultra Thin Bone Dry UV Resin

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Ultra Thin head cement consistency UV Resin.  This stuff is THE BOMB!  Tiny brush applicator that's actually suitable for small fly application.  Dries BONE DRY in five seconds with your UV Lamp.  Forget about conventional varnish based head cements...this is the wave of the future!  Think of the applications:  Coating thread bodies instantly, parachute and hair wing posts, wrapping hackle over a wetted layer then cooking it after to lock the stems in place. you're thinking about it!  Get ya some!


Note: Sometimes when your Bone Dry gets too cold, it will goo up a bit in the bottle but this is easily remedied by loosening the cap and putting the bottle in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  It'll be back to perfect.