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Stillwater Flies with Phil Rowley and Friends

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I have been the fly-tying columnist for B.C. Outdoors Sports Fishing magazine for over 17 years. During this time, I have featured many pattern types and styles. Stillwater Flies with Phil Rowley & Friends is a compilation of over 35 stillwater fly patterns featured in my column. The patterns within the book are a blend of my patterns and many other talented fly tyers. 

As with my previous books, the patterns are broken into different categories based on the food sources trout prey upon in lakes, including chironomids, scuds, damselflies, leeches, dragonflies, mayflies (Callibaetis), and water boatmen. There is also a section dedicated to attractor patterns.

Each pattern contains a detailed narrative focused on a specific material, tying challenge, or development history, along with step-by-step tying instructions and over 250 full-color images. The book is spiral bound to provide easy access to each pattern while at the tying bench without the risk of damage.  

Stillwater Flies with Phil Rowley & Friends is 9” tall and 6.6” wide and contains 154 pages.