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TMC 201R **NEW!!**

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This is the hook we have all been waiting for!  This is one of the prettiest hooks you'll ever see and it's super useful for everything from dries to nymphs to midges and even streamers.  Super sexy....

Nymphs & Dry Flies
Straight Eye
1X Heavy Wire, 2X Long
Micro Barb
Black Nickel Finish

The 201R by Tiemco represents a modern evolution of the legendary 200R hook. Distinguished by a wider gap and a sleek black nickel finish, it retains its versatile design that accommodates a diverse range of fly styles. Designed to maintain lifelike proportions, this heavy wire hook proudly bears the Tiemco name, guaranteeing the highest quality. Nymphs & Dry Flies, Straight Eye, 1X Heavy Wire, 2X Long, Micro Barb, Forged, Black Nickle.