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Umpqua UPG Foam Waterproof Salt Flats Fly Box

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Our most secure saltwater fly box that features two different foam insert configurations for the unique storage needs that saltwater flies require. This fly box is completely waterproof to prevent flies from corrosion and the harsh environments that the flats offer.  

“Wading the flats is one of my favorite ways to hunt Permit and bonefish in the lower Keys. Having a loaded waterproof fly box that I can hop out of the boat with is one less thing to worry about, so I can focus on the fish.” Brandon Cyr Professional Guide Key West, FL



Power Grip Foam

Our new foam inserts are made from a unique high-density foam for improved holding power providing an extremely lightweight and secure range of fly storage options. 


Umpqua’s HD Waterproof boxes go beyond keeping your flies dry. They are an insurance policy for traveling anglers, die-hard wet waders, or anyone who wants the security of a latch closure.

  • Waterproof - IPX 6.5 – Can be submerged in up to 1M
  • Secure Latch Closure 
  • See Through Lids
  • Magnetic Swing Leafs 

Mega Slit Foam - Insert

  • Deep foam for secure hold of large hooks
  • Mix of FlyTrap Foam for offset storage and Mega Slit Foam for larger flies
  • Maximum capacity & organization for the various styles and shapes of flats flies.
  • Holds up to 120 Flies

Mega Slit Foam - Insert 2

  • Deep foam for secure hold of large hooks
  • Mega Slit Foam for flies with multiple hooks
  • High overhead storage for large flies
  • Multiple entry points for maximum capacity and organization
  • Holds over 45 Large Flies

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